Horse riding

Horse riding is a bit dangerous sport. I totally agree that horse riding is a dangerous sport and hard for people who do not like horses…XD. A horse is a very sensitive animal and has a keen sense. It is very wise and clever, It recognizes a person whether he or she is an amateur rider or not, then the horse is not going to listen to him or her.

However, I have ridden the horse since last year October? i guess… I stressed out while riding the horse, and I liked the sport!!! Moreover, for past two classes i met a very lovely horse. She was very kind and listened to me very well.(I forgot her name..:$) But once she gets scared by something, her craziness cannot be controlled. YESTERDAY according to my aunt, my horse went crazy all of a sudden. She did not listen to me and all of a sudden she started to sprint and jump by herself; that was the time I did not grab the rein properly and lost my balance. My aunt told me I tried to stay and get back but I disappeared in one second XD. I was wearing white zip up hoodie and the horse was brown color. So she said when she saw the horse running up and down, I was not on the horse. To be honest, I do not remember how i fell and landed on my left shoulder, and also I don’t know when I arrived at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City… Yet, I knew my body was paralyzed and I was very scared that i wont be able to move. I recognized that I am in the hospital when i took a x-ray.

I hope I get better soon and do all my fav sports including the horse riding and the basketball for my Lions :). In addition, I don’t want to go back to Korea for the serious check ups:/…


Ernest Hemingway

The Other Seven-Eights of the Iceberg

Ernest Hemingway was an American author and journalist. He is famous for his writing style which he called “the principle of the iceberg”. Just like an iceberg in the Arctic, he gives a glimpse of details, and we, readers will understand and figure out what he wanted to tell us even though he does not actually states the words.

For Sale

Baby Shoes

Never Worn

These 6 words composed a short writing. Although, Hemingway does not mention about a newborn infant’s birth and death readers still recognize and understand the basic story. A newborn baby was born and then died not even wearing the baby shoes that baby’s parents bought. People also get some hints from those simple words. For example, Hemingway used ‘For Sale’ to give a idea that the mother had a financial problem or was really poor, because the baby’s parents bought the baby shoes for sale(cheaper than the real price).

Reflective writing

Imagine that you are the person in the painting, what is he thinking?

In the painting, there is a guy standing on a cliff and looking at the amazing view. He is on the top of a mountain, but there are other mountains on the opposite view. The clouds are making a vivid view. However, it seems like he is looking front and down at the same time. The picture implies or shows as if the guy conquered or accomplished his wants, but it seems like he still desires more. Maybe he is thinking and questioning ,such as “Where am I?”, “Why am I on the top?”, “Is this the end or begin?”, “Where is the highest top?”, and so on. Just like him, When i reached the top, i wonder about the destination and the end or limit of something. For example, the school, getting good grades, and my future from my experiences. When I reach my goal, I am proud of myself from achieving but at the same time I worry and stress out when I think that I have to work hard again to keep the good grades. When I get A in the test, I get overjoyed and satisfy with myself but I have to keep working hard, studying is not over. Just like him, He still got things to go up.

In addition, if i compare the picture with the world famous novel, The Great Gatsby, the man symbolizes Gatsby. Gatsby achieved his dream but still missing his want. He looks at the end of the lake and the green light that motivates him to work hard. Also, when he looks at the green light, he thinks about his achievements. Just like Jay Gatsby, the man standing on a cliff is also thinking about his achievements which are what he gained, and also looking at the cloud is similar to looking at the green light.

The man in the painting also resembles to the main character of The White Heron. Sylvia is a girl who climbs to the top of a huge, gigantic tree to see the whole world and the birds, the white herons. They both ponder while standing at the top of each place.


The heavenly treat waits for me on the table, five meters away from me. I sigh frustrated as I stay lazily on my couch. Should I get it or should I remain sitting on the couch? My mind is instantly consumed by thoughts and my mind wandered to the things I had eaten beforehand, from the ravioli to the pumpkin soup, and to mmmm – that scrumptious apple pie topped with ice cream, enough ice-cream to make you scream! 😉

My feet touched the ground and my hands pushed against the couch to bounce me up. I grinned in contentment when I did and immediately wandered to the chocolate fondue. My grin quickly faltered when I saw that it had no spoon next to it. Once again, I reluctantly walked to the kitchen, open the drawer, grabbed a spoon, and turned around to return my attention to the mouth-watering chocolate fondue.

‘Finally!’ My stomach screamed as I took a spoonful and dipped it in before it skyrocketed its way to my mouth.

‘Bleh!’ I spat it out everywhere and heard a giggle behind me.

‘Got ya!’ My evil roommate giggled. ‘Just wanted to see if you’d fall it or not?

Movie list to watch!!!

After Exam, I am planning to watch movies and people suggested many different movies…

Here are the list~

1. Life is beautiful  by Robert Benigni- This movie is the world famous movie, and I have not watched it yet:(! I am definitely going to watch this!!

2.Imitation game- Nadia, Reema, and Maria recommended me!

3. The Bucket List- This movie was suggested by my mom and aunt

4.if only- People said this movie is pretty sad but it’s impressive and will long last in my mind.

5. Today’s date(?)- It’s a korean movie and has a good review because it’s romantic comedy!!