Things I love to do and Things I would love to do!

In Summer 2k14, i have done somethings i love to do. I traveled to Sweden, spent a day watching movies, finished 3 Korean soap opera in a day, shopped with my mom, went out at 8 in the morning and came home at 12 at night, visited my grandparents house and spent day with them, helped my mom cooking, instead of reading a book at home i read it at cafe, talked many random things and shared from small to big secrets with my one and only sibling older sister, danced in the rain with my friends, went to theme park to ride all the roller coasters with my friends, stayed at Karaoke place literally for 5 hours singing all the songs i know, played basketball alone, rode my father’s motor bicycle and so on… I actually did many stupid things but those are what i love to do usually when I am in Korea. In next summer hopefully i can do them again.

Things I would love to do are like my bucket list. The bucket list is the list that i want or plan to do, and I want to do things that I have no done yet. For instance, sky diving and bungee jump is one of the top to-do list because I am not afraid of the heights or speed. Second, I wanted to pierce more ears but my parents did not allow me this year, instead promised to allow me getting more than two piercings. Third, travelling is my favorite thing, and I am planning to travel somewhere I have never been ever in my life and i am already excited for it!! Since I am very bad at cooking and baking stuff, It will be pleasure to learn how to make best cookies, sushi, or any plates (maybe I will learn how to make Korean sushi from my mom :D).  I want to master Arabic because in Korea, Arabic is not a common language like English so not so many people are able to speak Arabic and I am very proud of myself for knowing Arabic and living in this country. Lastly, losing my weight will be on my bucket list until I die because I know that it will take forever to accomplish.  Anyway there are many other things that I did not mention but It will take forever and I will keep some as privates ;). In my opinion, having a bucket list and achieving the goals and crossing out things give me the best feeling and very satisfying feeling and pride lasts for a long time. Because of those happiness I am going to keep add until I do most of things all around the world.


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