About my writing style

To start with my honesty, I am not a big fan of writing. Writing is so boring that i would rather shoot myself in the head. I prefer reading over writing (if the book is what i like). It doesn’t mean I hate it though. I like writing random things, so sometimes I see invisible words dancing on a empty paper, then I write them down. You will see the paper filling up very soon. Swoooooshhhhh However, my writing is as not organized as my room and is very complicated. In a word It’s nonsense. After the draft, I hate the process until publishing, for example revising, adding, rearranging, removing, replacing, and editing take me forever. Editing and rearranging is the worst step for me because i have bad grammars. Some people console me saying that English is not my  first language. I know that it is true, but I hope I can learn and enjoy the steps well this year (which seems impossible X-D).

Tik Tok Tik Tok The time flies back to elementary school when I was in Korea. I learned writing maybe in 3rd grade from Korean teacher. I still remember, writing at least 3 diaries in a week was my homework. The topics were free and I used to write every single things I did each day. Basically all i did was listing… My mom is like a home school teacher, because she helped me revising and editing in Korean. Anyhow, my writing improved very slowly, but editing improved faster than writing. Parents encouraged me anytime unlike my sister who laughed as if there is no tomorrow. Since then I continued my random scribbles and I properly learned writing in UAE. In 8th grade, my English and History teacher was strict and detail. Probably that is the time I got bored but started to write better than previous times. Unfortunately I fell out of love with writing.

The relationship between writing and I is complicated. Maybe love-hate relationship I would say. I love writing a first draft not caring the grammars and arranging stuff but soon I hate it when the time for editing comes just like I said in above paragraphs.I like to read the writings that are directly to the point, not long, and concise.


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