A secret behind the K-Pop

These days there are a lot of singing or dancing groups in Korea. To become a singer, it usually takes about 3 years to debut. There are some sort of steps to go through. It might sounds easy but people, especially students spend their whole day at some sort of dancing and singing practice rooms. Simply, to be on the television as singing or dancing career, it’s very competitive like surviving game in the jungle. First, to become a celebrity, you need a sponsor, therefore you should get in the company that manages celebrities. This is the hardest step, because the company want to hire and pick a person who is very talented and seems likable to the public. In this step, some people, girls in particular do the plastic surgeries, so they look pretty like a famous star or singer. Girls also have to be as thin as a mannequin. However, that is the standard of beauty in Korea because of all the teen idols. Some male singers weigh as much as female singers do. For example there are male groups call ‘Exo’  and ‘Teen Top’. Exo’s average weight is below 60kg and ‘Teen Top’s average weight is 55kg, and from Teen Top, the thinnest member’s weight is 50kg!!!!! I guarantee that some boys have thing gaps like female celebrities do.  Even I am above 50 kg and they are as thin as girls. In my opinion, I don’t get K-Pop world.

After they look perfect or something, the training waits for them. According to my friend who is also in the training session, train for singing and dancing or sometimes even acting take about 3 years normally unless you are really slow learner.. If the company thinks the person is all ready to debut, then they don’t have to train anymore. It all depends on how well you do and the company. In some big sponsor or entertain management company, they have systems for trainers. What they do is kind of a test or mission. They have to pass the camera test, which is testing for how well you can do in front of staffs from the company and one person is going to record. Basically they are practicing. Also, if they pass the test, the next step is being on the stage as back dancers or sub singers for the real idols. As you see the secrets behind the K-pop, I think the way we Koreans debut is different than how western Pop singers debut… Im saying that when the pop idols debut, i don’t think they go through the camera tests. And most importantly they don’t have to be thin like anorexic!!!! They are not fat but fit! Not like mannequins… Korean idols affect the standard of beauty to Korean students.


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