my favorite memory from AISA

I have been in AISA for about three years. This year is my fourth year and im in 10th grade. However, my favorite memory from AISA is last year when i joined school Basketball team. It was my first time joining and representing the school, so I was very proud of myself. I did not know how to play basketball or even rules. However, I made junior varsity team and was a captain because, i was the oldest. Every game we played, we never won a single match. I felt very bad as a captain and I could not help the team to win or cheer them up. Sometimes some players had conflicts each other, then they would not have come to the practice.. i feel like I should have convince them to join back but i didnt because i was so timid and didnt know them well. In my opinion I was a really bad leader overall.  Fortunately, some team members was very cheerful every time, and in every game we went through the hard time together. I thanked them now. I also learned the team work and all the communications within the group. I felt very responsible for the team but in reality i didnt act like that so I regret so much. I had THE BEST JV BASKETBALL LIONS in my life. I love them and i hope i can have some certain players with me this year :)!…


4 thoughts on “my favorite memory from AISA

  1. Comment: I really like your topic, its nice to talk about being basketball captain xD I think it can be very interesting and there are many stories or examples you can talk about.
    Question: How did you become captain if you were really new? Did you want to be captain?
    Suggestion for essay: I think you should focus on grammar and maybe make it longer for the essay by adding more stories or something like that.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog because you talk about what happened in the games and described how you should have convinced the players, I think you would have been a great leader! 🙂


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