Where should I go next time?

I love travelling to another countries. In summer and winter vacation, I always try to go travel and that is the reason why I study and still alive. Since I was small, one of my dream was to travel or visit at least 3/4th of the World!!!! I would really love to make loads of memories in many different countries and learn about the country’s culture and language. My parents always said health and traveling is one of important thing, because by travelling I will learn things such as manners and be social with different races.

I have been to most of European countries.Mostly, Eastern and Western European countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Sweden (I went to Sweden in 2k14 summer!). All the countries have different, whereas the history is related,and connected each other. Even though they are in the same continent, they still got different weathers and atmosphere which is very interesting to me. I loved the culture and mood in Europe. Also, the way people are busy but they have time for themselves to relax when it’s lunch time or after works. People enjoy their cultural lives too.

Asian countries (including the Middle East) that I visited are Japan, Oman, Qatar(stopped by XD), Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, and UAE where I am living now. I did not really have many chances to travel in Asia. But I will in the future. Even though the gap between the poor and the rich is very big in Asia, people are as generous and kind as the Pacific Ocean, or even bigger. Mostly, Asian food is Heaven!! (Yesss!)

Unfortunately, I have not been to Canada. I’ve been to America maybe twice when I was in elementary school… I am waiting for a chance to go to Northern America. I would also love to go to Mexico, because Mexican cuisine is my favorite, especially Tacos and Nachos!!!

I will go to Africa before I die, for the wildlife tour and nature. Whenever I see the offers in Etihad advertisements, or the magazines, I want to go there so bad!!!! but I don’t really have chances… so I was planning to go to Africa maybe before 27.

Before I leave this country, United Arab Emirates, I am going to go to whole ARAB!!! including Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and so on.!!

Anyway, this winter, I am still deciding where to go. And the choices are very vary and wide, i am a big agony. I hope i can achieve my last life goal in the future one day… 🙂


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