Thinking about future…

Okay, whenever i think about my future, i am totally not ready at all. I am getting older and older; the future is approaching closer and closer. To be honest, i have not decided what i am going to be and study in the future. I should have my life plan by now, but id rather be lost in the big world and hopefully marry a prince charming X’D and live happily ever after…(JOKE!! that sounds very cheesy and I’m joking! LOL) Me, Soojin Choi, a Korean girl who studies in United Arab Emirates, and the youngest in typical Korean family, with nothing special talents or things, having a normal, humdrum student life has no idea what I am going to do.. The reason why I still study in here and not going back to Korea unlike other Korean students is that.. I want to make my parents to be proud of me. In Korea, we were just a small family and just hated my life when i reached puberty (at the age of 11 or 12, but 13 and 14 in korean age). I caused a huge problem to my family and i regret so much until now.. Since then, I wanted to avoid my life, but my father gave me a chance to start my 2nd life in another country and I chose here! I wanted to show them a good behaviour and side of myself in a reply, like I wanted to prove that Im adapting very well with no troubles. I always tried my best in every thing. My parents had a hard time and now my goal is to make them feel proud of their daughters wherever they go, also among their friends I hope they can talk about their naughty but changed daughters proudly. However, I am still seeking the way to achieve my goal. Because of these reasons, I am worrying the future…

ps. Hopefully, when i read this blog by any chance in the future, I hope I am who I wanted to be 😉


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