Iphone 6


When i held the iphone6 in my hand, I trembled my fingers as if the phone was vibrating, and my palm was sweating. I could not believe that the Gold Iphone 6 is mine! the shape and every inch or cm of the angle were on point like perfect. The color is gorgeous. Right now, i am exaggerating because Iphone is first time for me. Using the Iphone was a life achievement for me, and all of a sudden my mom allowed me to buy it. What a beautiful day!?! first i thought my mom was pranking me or i was very sure there is something behind her plan. However, she thought i really need a proper phone, not a minuscule and nonfunctioning NOKIA. I was using LG G2 and the screen was all shattered because i dropped it several times and the phone had no cover. Since then, i used my aunt’s previous phone which is Nokia and it barely works (It keeps turn off by itself every 10 minutes) Texting and calling was the only thing i could do. Now my beautiful iPhone is in my hand; I will try to use for a long time with no breaking^^


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