I watched a movie call “Interstellar” with my aunt during the national holiday. The theatre was empty like a hunted house. My aunt and I decided to watch ‘interstellar’, because the movie is such a big issue in Korea, it’s like a must-watch movie of the year. The movie was about 3 hours long, and some scenes took unnecessarily long. In the beginning was just really boring and made my aunt to fall asleep… :P. But, it doesn’t mean that the movie was bad idea to watch. In my opinion, the expository, and rising action were about an hour and half and that made some people very boring. Also, I suggest this movie for people who are interested in astronomy, or about planets. The movie will be more fascinating if you have some knowledges about the planets, galaxies,and  general theory of relativity and so on. The movie was very hard to decipher and understand the concept and plot. It also shows the theme of family and love. Because the main character,Cooper, is leaving his children in the earth and he flies to another planet where humans can survive and dwell. He overcomes the love of family and finds the planet with the help from his daughter,Murph. The climax was tantalising, although i had no idea what was going on. According to the interviews of the director, the movie were actually filmed and tried not to use the computer graphics. That made the movie very phisically natural and looked real. It also has lesson. In the end of the movie, characters say that the future depends on the generations, which means people have the answers to solve the problems and have a key for the better future. My favourite quote from the movie is “We will find a way. We always have.”


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