The Best Song in 2014

I listened to loads of songs in 2014… I listened to the whole album of Taylor Swift which was sensational. One Direction’s album was also out, therefore I listened to all of them! But the best song and the most repeated song is… ‘Waves’ by Mr.Probz and ‘All of Me” by John Legend. ‘Waves’ was stuck in my head the whole summer for about 3 months! I listened to that song at least once a day. I repeated singing ‘Waves’ with Zara when I visited Sweden<3 XD We sang along to the radio and I still remember Julia (Zara’s sister) and My sister were annoyed by us because we kept singing:P. Not only Mr.Probz but also John Legend’s song was legendary (two thumbs up for it!!). Beyonce rocked my days in the end of 2014 (7/11 is my fav songXD)!!


All of Me- John Legend

7/11- Beyonce

Shake it off- Taylor Swift

Blank space-Taylor Swift


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