The heavenly treat waits for me on the table, five meters away from me. I sigh frustrated as I stay lazily on my couch. Should I get it or should I remain sitting on the couch? My mind is instantly consumed by thoughts and my mind wandered to the things I had eaten beforehand, from the ravioli to the pumpkin soup, and to mmmm – that scrumptious apple pie topped with ice cream, enough ice-cream to make you scream! 😉

My feet touched the ground and my hands pushed against the couch to bounce me up. I grinned in contentment when I did and immediately wandered to the chocolate fondue. My grin quickly faltered when I saw that it had no spoon next to it. Once again, I reluctantly walked to the kitchen, open the drawer, grabbed a spoon, and turned around to return my attention to the mouth-watering chocolate fondue.

‘Finally!’ My stomach screamed as I took a spoonful and dipped it in before it skyrocketed its way to my mouth.

‘Bleh!’ I spat it out everywhere and heard a giggle behind me.

‘Got ya!’ My evil roommate giggled. ‘Just wanted to see if you’d fall it or not?


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