Reflective writing

Imagine that you are the person in the painting, what is he thinking?

In the painting, there is a guy standing on a cliff and looking at the amazing view. He is on the top of a mountain, but there are other mountains on the opposite view. The clouds are making a vivid view. However, it seems like he is looking front and down at the same time. The picture implies or shows as if the guy conquered or accomplished his wants, but it seems like he still desires more. Maybe he is thinking and questioning ,such as “Where am I?”, “Why am I on the top?”, “Is this the end or begin?”, “Where is the highest top?”, and so on. Just like him, When i reached the top, i wonder about the destination and the end or limit of something. For example, the school, getting good grades, and my future from my experiences. When I reach my goal, I am proud of myself from achieving but at the same time I worry and stress out when I think that I have to work hard again to keep the good grades. When I get A in the test, I get overjoyed and satisfy with myself but I have to keep working hard, studying is not over. Just like him, He still got things to go up.

In addition, if i compare the picture with the world famous novel, The Great Gatsby, the man symbolizes Gatsby. Gatsby achieved his dream but still missing his want. He looks at the end of the lake and the green light that motivates him to work hard. Also, when he looks at the green light, he thinks about his achievements. Just like Jay Gatsby, the man standing on a cliff is also thinking about his achievements which are what he gained, and also looking at the cloud is similar to looking at the green light.

The man in the painting also resembles to the main character of The White Heron. Sylvia is a girl who climbs to the top of a huge, gigantic tree to see the whole world and the birds, the white herons. They both ponder while standing at the top of each place.


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