Ernest Hemingway

The Other Seven-Eights of the Iceberg

Ernest Hemingway was an American author and journalist. He is famous for his writing style which he called “the principle of the iceberg”. Just like an iceberg in the Arctic, he gives a glimpse of details, and we, readers will understand and figure out what he wanted to tell us even though he does not actually states the words.

For Sale

Baby Shoes

Never Worn

These 6 words composed a short writing. Although, Hemingway does not mention about a newborn infant’s birth and death readers still recognize and understand the basic story. A newborn baby was born and then died not even wearing the baby shoes that baby’s parents bought. People also get some hints from those simple words. For example, Hemingway used ‘For Sale’ to give a idea that the mother had a financial problem or was really poor, because the baby’s parents bought the baby shoes for sale(cheaper than the real price).


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