Horse riding

Horse riding is a bit dangerous sport. I totally agree that horse riding is a dangerous sport and hard for people who do not like horses…XD. A horse is a very sensitive animal and has a keen sense. It is very wise and clever, It recognizes a person whether he or she is an amateur rider or not, then the horse is not going to listen to him or her.

However, I have ridden the horse since last year October? i guess… I stressed out while riding the horse, and I liked the sport!!! Moreover, for past two classes i met a very lovely horse. She was very kind and listened to me very well.(I forgot her name..:$) But once she gets scared by something, her craziness cannot be controlled. YESTERDAY according to my aunt, my horse went crazy all of a sudden. She did not listen to me and all of a sudden she started to sprint and jump by herself; that was the time I did not grab the rein properly and lost my balance. My aunt told me I tried to stay and get back but I disappeared in one second XD. I was wearing white zip up hoodie and the horse was brown color. So she said when she saw the horse running up and down, I was not on the horse. To be honest, I do not remember how i fell and landed on my left shoulder, and also I don’t know when I arrived at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City… Yet, I knew my body was paralyzed and I was very scared that i wont be able to move. I recognized that I am in the hospital when i took a x-ray.

I hope I get better soon and do all my fav sports including the horse riding and the basketball for my Lions :). In addition, I don’t want to go back to Korea for the serious check ups:/…


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